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Pastoral atmosphere. Homestay services are far from commercial tourism services, albeit the experience of the guests reflect the simplicity and the pastoral atmosphere within rural village life.

Authenticity.  Hosts focus on how guests can experience and learn from authentic and enriched culture.  Guests find easy access to tourist attractions where they can have either day trips or overnight trips with local tour guides.

Becoming family.  While tourists arrive as visitors, they leave the homes as family members.   This is not surprising considering the level of interaction that has transpired within the privacy of the locals’ homes.

Information exchange. Locals find it interesting to engage in meaningful conversations with guests and to share ideas which reveal similarities and differences of their culture and that of others.  As such, they gain a better perspective and understanding of other people and places they have never been to.

Reinforcement of cultural heritage.  Locals get to exercise their rich and diverse cultural heritage.  There is higher propensity for cultural practices to diminish if they are not reinforced through community-based programs like this.

Relationships established.  Long after the visitors have left, locals normally receive calls, letters and even gifts from their guests. These gestures portray the lasting impact of their visitors’ interactions amongst their family and their community.